Music & History 2017, July 10-27, 2017

Music and History Grade 10/11/12 Credit Course in Europe

For the fifth time Students are invited to take the following credit courses in
Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia this Summer 2017.
Students will be able to earn Credit Course: Music & History – IDC30 (Grade 10-11) or IDC4U (Grade 12) MUSIC / HISTORY – the ideal concert tour (vocal included) through the 8 countries!Dr.Rozbicki,

I would personally like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience this amazing trip across Europe. From the amazing sceneries, to the historic buildings, this trip has definitely taught me a lot. This trip has also inspired me to incorporate music throughout my life, by taking part in piano lessons once again. I am very grateful to have been a part of this trip, as not everyone experiences what I have at such a young age. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Thank you greatly,
Ania Kogut

Bardzo dziekujemy za wspaniala life time wycieczke!
Nigdy nie bylibysmy w stanie zorganizowac corce cos podobnego,szczegolnie z tematem muzycznym i historycznym!
Bardzo wdzieczni rodzice Marty Biernackiej

Dear Mr.Rozbicki:

Thank you for you share the photos with us.Thank you for you take care of Hans.I’m Hans’s father who is living in Xian city of China.

Hans is so lucky,he have such opportunity to take part in such Colorful Music and History course/trip,He only come to Canada half a year.he is very happy when he meet you,you teach him a lot.

I’m pride of Hans,he is self-disciplined boy,his interests are very diverse.I encourage him to try something new,I wish he have good future thought his hard work.

Thanks again.

Best Regards

Jimmy Yang

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