Music & History 2012 – 2018, European Tour for Canadian Students

Project: Music & History 2018 Credit Course

As part of your credit course, you will be assigned 1 topic to research and present as a PowerPoint. If you have been assigned a topic about a composer or the music of a city/culture, you must present 2 pieces of music no longer than 15 minutes in total. Your task will be to memorize your presentation, as you will not be allowed to read from your notes.
The complete presentation should include:
a) PowerPoint file/presentation – included with titles, photos, and music.
b) 15 minutes max of music either provided in an MP3 file or an audio CD
c) Minimum of 5 printed pages with your research points from the PowerPoint. The presentations will take place during our daily activities, in random order.

Music and History 2018, Grade 9/10/11/12
Summer Credit Course in Europe July 4 – 20, 2018

For the six time following credit courses in
Italy, Vatican, Poland, Czech Republic

Students will be able to earn Credit Course:
Music & History – IDC30 (Grade 10-11) or IDC4U (Grade 12)MUSIC / HISTORY – the ideal concert tour (vocal included) through the 4 countries! Music and History 2018, Grade 10/11/12
Summer Credit Courses in Europe, July 4-20, 2018
For the six time following credit courses this time in:
Italy and Vatican: Rome, Siena, Pisa, Florence, Assisi, Monte Cassino, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Vatican City
Poland: Wroclaw, Swidnica, Duszniki Zdroj, Ksiaz, Jelenia Gora, Karpacz,
Czech Republic: Table Mountains, Prague
“Who Could Ask for Anything More”
These words would be a summary of the reaction of all students who have been part of our past 5 European Music and History summer courses. That’s why this highly successful program is being offered again July 4-20, 2018. As part of this 6th edition of European Music and History marvel at the historical beauty of Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Vatican. Experience Europe’s magnificent music and become a better person while in the company of motivated students and knowledgeable guides and, earn Ontario Ministry of Education credits.
This trip costs only $4080.00.
Please compare the price and the benefits of this TCDSB sponsored course lead by experienced Board Staff.
Contact Information: Dr. Andrzej Rozbicki, Tel. 416 567 1278

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